Stress Management & Resilience

Did you know "stress and anxiety" is the number one Google search term in the Middle East? Stress in the workplace decreases productivity, increase health costs and employee burnout and furthermore than a quarter of global employees relate this.

Our bespoke, brain-based Wellness and Resilience programs support your employees through tough times and equip your people with science-driven education and strategies to help them mitigate the negative impact of stress, building long term wellbeing, mental and physical health and resilience.

Each program is an individual journey of self-discovery. Your team members gain unique personal insights about their mental and physical health which can make a fundamental difference to their quality of working life and future.

Combined with nutritional and health assessments, wellness days, retreats with our team of world renowned Transformative Coaches, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychologists and more we can build a 360-degree employee wellbeing approach dedicated to empowering employee wellness and focused on promoting resilience in the workplace.

Stress Management