"This is not just another corporate training day. This is the moment of truth to transform your life and business"

Our immersive and custom-made corporate workshops are led by an expert team of internationally renowned transformational coaches and wellness facilitators. We offer a full range of bespoke programs designed to deliver business transformation, by focusing on your most valuable asset; your people.

Make Wellness a priority for your people

Wellness is the key to attracting and retaining great people and inspiring them to be their best selves. Our tailor-made Transformative Workshops are delivered both in and out of office, to suit the goals of your team and business. 

Some of our most popular transformative wellness program themes include:

  • Crisis Management: Adopting a strategic growth mind-set
  • Stress Resilience: For mental health, emotional wellbeing and success
  • Change Management: Fostering an innovative, agile company mindset
  • Human Leadership: Management for change and transformation
  • Thrive In Unprecedented Times: Adopting a positive mindset and disrupting the negative thinking cycle to overcome challenging times
  • Team-building and Relationships: Developing team skills, strengthening trust and building stronger bonds for workplace success

Custom Workshops

Another incredible wellness experience from Beyond Wellness

"A fabulous retreat held at JA Resort & Spa with a group of influencers to celebrate UAE Mother’s Day.  We will call upon the support of Beyond Transformation for all future wellness events and activations."

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Mustela Middle East

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